1. Hazy Eyes

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Hazy Eyes

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Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kash Erickson (Don Ugly)


Won't you see, right through hazy eyes
Yearning to be the sunlight in your skies

Oh, Oh Oh, Oh Oh, Oh Oh
Whoah, oh oh, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah

It's something about the way that you hear me
That makes me want to realize
It's something about the way you put fear in me
When I'm stepping out of line
If only I could say
I'm right there, and on time
I'd see you on that day
Right through hazy eyes

Whoah, Whoah Whoah, Oh Whoah, Whoah Whoah
Whoah, Whoah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

But we're done, we're done
We're done, We're done
But we're done, We're done
We're done, But we're done

I could never with you shooting straight
I won't tell you lies
I won't ever be in debt to ways
I put tears in your eyes
I only wish that when it comes for you
Love will be by your side
I'll forever be that dying maybe
Until the day I die

I was never meant for righteous praise
I won't tell you no lies
You strut around with a youthful gaze
With the truth in your smile
I walk around in a deadly daze
I walk with fear in my eyes
I'll forever be your only pain
Until you're satisfied

Oh,Oh,Oh, Oh Oh
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh

I will never be in debt to ways
I put tears in your eyes
I'll forever be the dying maybe
Until the day I die