The Good, The Bad, and THE UGLY

Who the hell is Don Ugly?

DON UGLY is singer-songwriter Kash Erickson from Orlando, FL. Creating the moniker while attending college, his music is a representation of the Ebb and flow of life lyrically portrayed in a subliminal and satirical fashion. With a wide diverse range of influences from Deftones to Father John Misty, Jim James to Tom Waits, Don Ugly’s music is a multi-genre’d variety of dark country acoustic ballads, Indie alternative bass music with psychedelic avant rock impressions

Currently a solo artist, Don Ugly's live performance is a spectacle that consist of subliminal storytelling delivered with his distinct and consoling tenor range.

Don Ugly released a live performance album, recorded at Will's Pub in Orlando, FL. The album is free to download right here on the official DU website.